Dating marriage customs costa rica

Most of the variances relate to optional issues such as using your own witnesses for the wedding ceremony (identification documents required) and so on.Documents and Information you will need WEDDING RELATED RESOURCES This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the wedding related venures and services available in Costa Rica. We have researched this carefully and we feel confident in the options presented herein.Here are some wedding plan resources specific to Tamarindo: Tamarindo Beach Info - Information on weddings in Tamarindo.- Great listing of all the wedding resources in the area, including hotels, wedding planners, photographers and lawyers.

As we discover new information we will update this page.

Some who have friends in Costa Rica have trusted them to prepare everything, only to find out theyr left some important document or piece of information back home. Get the advice of a professional BEFORE you leave home.

Don't discount the possibility of having the entire affair managed by one of the top Costa Rica hotels.

Costa Rica wedding planners can be invaluable in ensuring all the details are covered.

Here is a list we have compiled of the legal documents and information you will need to get married in Costa Rica.

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