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[T]he behavior of most women in Byzantium was a far cry from the depictions that appear in Arabic sources.” Little has changed some 1400 years after the founding of Islam: European women continue to be seen as naturally promiscuous and thus provoking Muslim men into raping them.Thus last December in the UK, a Muslim father-of-four “dragged a young pub worker off the street and raped her for three hours, while telling her ‘you white women are good at it.’” Another Muslim called a 13-year-old British virgin “a little white slag”—British slang for “loose, promiscuous woman”—before raping her.Cheikh documents how Muslims claimed that Byzantine (or “white”) females were the “most shameless women in the whole world”; that, “because they find sex more enjoyable, they are prone to adultery”; that “adultery is commonplace in the cities and markets of Byzantium”—so much so that “the nuns from the convents went out to the fortresses to offer themselves to monks.” Concludes the author of : While the one quality that our [Muslim] sources never deny is the beauty of Byzantine women, the image that they create in describing these women is anything but beautiful.Their depictions are, occasionally, excessive, virtually caricatures, overwhelmingly negative….This is easily discerned by examining medieval Muslim perceptions of Byzantine women.(Islam’s initial contact with Europe in the seventh century was through the Christian empire of Byzantium; it came to represent European women in Islam).Byzantine women are described as being white-complexioned blondes, with straight hair and blue eyes. The prophet once asked a new convert “Would you like the girls of Banu al-Asfar?

Indirectly that means I was partly to blame for what happened to me. She has vowed to make sure that women will change their behavior, so that they don’t provoke Muslims to sexually assault them again.

In short, the ancient Islamic motif concerning the alleged promiscuity of European women is alive and well, and continues justifying the Muslim rape of Western women.

Yet, even in this, Islam can turn to its Leftist ally for cover.

She was mesmerized by the beauty of the mosques and spellbound as she heard the daily calls to prayer.

Miriam had been raised a Christian, but had turned against God when her mother died.

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