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1 February 2018 – Announcing Draft Plan For Continuing With The KSK Roll 1 February 2018 – Comments Requested for Draft Plan 18 December 2017 – Update on the Root KSK Rollover Project 27 September 2017 – KSK Rollover Postponed 7 September 2017 – Attention Network Operators and ISPs: Determine your readiness for the Root Zone KSK Rollover!

27 October 2016 – KSK Rollover Operations Begin View more news.

The Cooperative Agreement between NTIA and Verisign was also amended in July 2010 to reflect Verisign's Root Zone ZSK Operator responsibilities.

The IANA Functions Contract required a Root Zone KSK rollover, but did not provide detailed requirements, or a detailed timeline or implementation plan.

Failure to have the current root zone KSK will mean that DNSSEC-validating DNS resolvers will be unable to resolve any DNS queries.Using this simple model, it allows structured and semi-structured data to be mixed, exposed, and shared across different applications.This linking structure forms a directed, labeled graph, where the edges represent the named link between two resources, represented by the graph nodes.Sources are also usually listed in a separate bibliography.The notes and bibliography system can accommodate a wide variety of sources, including unusual ones that don’t fit neatly into the author-date system.

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