Dating game question ideas

For each correct answer your team will receive one point! We are about to find out with the ultimate Battle of the Sexes relay! Once one of your team members has completed all three of the tasks, the next player on your team can go.Whichever team collectively finishes their relay first wins the round and gains 3 points!Can avoid this, if you aren’t really interested in knowing about him/her.Another question that will reveal about their dreams.If s/he answers the other way round, you know where they stand.This will help you to know about his/her’s mentality and if s/he’s a perfect fit for you.

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This question has no meaning seriously, it is just another fun question to ask when you are getting bored. Have you got better questions for the than 21 questions game than the ones mentioned above? Also – a HUGE shoutout to my Diva girls Courtney & Carisa. For this round the two teams will take turns answering questions for these adorable question jars!This date night idea was a total collaboration between all three of us to bring you this fabulous game! Diva Courtney came up with 60 unique and creative questions to challenge your brain!The game will challenge your brains, physical endurance AND creative abilities!by the gorgeous bold colors that our amazing designer Kiki from Kiki & Company created.

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