Dating fire king

They got along well but Bonnibel disagreed with his plans to make a city for Candy people and tried to counter them.Due to her acts, Gumbald turned against her and soon did this with the other relatives as they planned to overthrow her.Bonnibel overheard this and foiled Gumbald's plans and accidentally turned the three into simple minded candy people.She didn't change them back as they looked happy in their new forms and kept them in the dark about their identities for eight centuries.

Bonnibel created him as a way of having a family and made Chicle her cousin.However, being the first of her "experiments gone wrong," her creation is exceedingly temperamental and a terribly inexperienced ruler.Princess Bubblegum and the Earl of Lemongrab initially dislike each other, and Princess Bubblegum calls the Earl a "butt." According to Princess Bubblegum, "it's complicated." While in power, Lemongrab is intent on sending everyone, including Princess Bubblegum, to the dungeon for conflicting with his rigid agenda. " Princess Bubblegum is treated with the same rudeness, obnoxiousness, and sense of entitlement as Lemongrab treats everyone else.While out one day, she found a mug for an uncle and decided to make herself more family members so she would others to talk to.Bonnibel then gathered the items she needed and created three other gum humanoids Aunt Lolly, Cousin Chicle and Gumbald who she made her "Uncle".

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