Dating fat internet people

"The person who initially saw the photos is likely to feel deceived, frustrated, and turned off.Weight/body type is often an important part of one's matching criteria."Let go of assumptions," Poretsky urges daters of all sizes."What do you assume [anything negative] about your attractiveness? Do you assume that certain people, based on their looks or background, won't be interested in you?

Using overly flattering images could also lead to some embarrassing and disappointing dating situations.If prospective suitors are going to be uninterested based on your weight alone, it's best to eliminate them early in the process so that your time isn't wasted."Photos that don't accurately represent how a dater currently looks are a recipe for disappointment — by both parties," Russo says."If you keep this practice going, not only will you believe it, but you'll exude it," says Poretsky, who teaches the "Body Love Makeover Attraction Program" course for overweight women who would like to date more and feel more attractive.Poretsky says that self-acceptance can also come from seeing yourself as part of a beautiful, plus-sized lineage.

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