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Preflights purpose is to set up the manuscript for reading: tidying up errors and inconsistencies, minimizing the number of elements your eye needs to attend to during editing."Part of my rationale for not prereading a manuscript is to be able to see it as a regular reader would: start on page one and read to the end." Thinking Fiction: The Novel-Editing Roadmap II (Carolyn Haley, An American Editor, 5-22-17) For those mechanical tasks, she uses several software tools (which she links to in ): Editoriums File Cleaner, Edit Tools Delete Unused Styles, Edit Tools Change Style Language, Edit Tools Never Spell Word, Edit Tools F&R Master (find and replace), Paul Beverleys Proper Noun Alyse. How to never forget youve switched off Track Changes!

(agent Rachelle Gardner, 3-25-10) Should You Hire a Professional Editor? They can say why your storyline isnt working and ask the right questions for you to realize how to fix it.

Comparing Mockingbird the result of two years of arduous revisions with Watchman demonstrates clearly just how important a good editor can be.

Put simply, where Mockingbird beguiles, dazzles and moves to tears as it conveys core values of empathy and human decency, Watchman horrifies with its ugly racism, even as it emotes and moralizes didactically, clunkily and shrilly." A review worth reading, which may make you curious about the early novel.

Heller Mc Alpin's review of Harper Lee's novel 'Go Set a Watchman' (San Fran Chronicle, 7-10-15) helpfully compares it to 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' which it became.

"When Lee submitted the manuscript of Watchman to publisher J. Lippincott in 1957, her editor, Tay Hohoff, astutely saw the germ of a better book in the childhood passages and suggested Lee rewrite the novel from young Scouts point of view, set 20 years earlier, during the Depression.

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