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Necessary forms include the Complaint for Limited Divorce and the Civil-Domestic Case Information Report.If spousal and child support issues are involved, you will also need the financial statement and a child support worksheet form.In order to file for divorce, you must be separated from your spouse for more than six months, unless the divorce is based on some type of spousal misconduct, such as cruelty or abandonment.If you decide to represent yourself, the court staff cannot give you any specific legal advice; they can only give you general information about the process and the procedure for filing the necessary forms.Limited divorce forms must be filed in the Maryland county where either spouse lives or works.The clerk will give you a case number and issue a Writ of Summons.He will need to file the Writ and a completed form with the court clerk, when service is complete.The sheriff’s office will automatically notify the clerk; no form is needed.

Maryland law prohibits the petitioner from serving the papers. If using a private company or adult, provide him with the appropriate Affidavit of Service form and an additional copy of the Writ of Summons.Complete the Civil-Domestic Case Information Report form.Fill in the name and contact information for you and your spouse. The court clerk will fill in this information when you file the form.Use Worksheet A if you are requesting primary physical custody and Worksheet B in cases of joint custody.Fill in information related to parental income, time spent with each parent and expenses related to daycare, health insurance and other child medical costs. File the original forms and pay the fee in the clerk’s office at the appropriate county circuit court.

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