Dating antique stained glass

The purer the sand (i.e., the higher the silica concentration and less iron) the better, as it is the other impurities - desired or undesired - that give glass its color.Low iron means more control over the ultimate color (Hunter 1950; Tooley 1953).

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Having quoted this, color is still an important descriptive element for the recordation and classification of bottles.With higher amounts of iron or higher oxidation of the iron, darker greens will usually occur (Toulouse 1969a; Jones & Sullivan 1989)).In order to create other colors, the iron needs to be variably neutralized and appropriate colorizing agents or compounds added to achieve the desired color.Even the same bottle to the same person can vary widely in color depending on differing lighting situations - direct and indirect sunlight out in the field, fluorescent lights in the office, and incandescent lights at home.Adding to the confusion is the jumble of terminology that is used to describe colors and the almost infinite color variations.

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