Consolidating databases sql server

The main software components are:– Windows Server Datacenter 2008 R2– The new Microsoft Database Consolidation 2012 software, to manage the appliance.This software is built from System Center technologies, System Center Packs, and SQL Server technologies.– SQL Server Enterprise Edition, with Software Assurance, required for unlimited virtualization and mobility of the SQL Server VMs.– New Appliance Tools, including new software to configure and test appliance, as well as tools to simplify the consolidation process (e.g.For example, more than 20 hard drives can fail, and the appliance will continue to work with no impact.– Private Cloud capabilities optimized for SQL Server – Resource Pooling – Able to consolidate your database into a single appliance: from half rack to 10 racks and managed as a single resource.– Elasticity – Scaling your computing, network and storage resources efficiently; the VMs and SQL Server are ready to respond to resource changes, in minutes.Grow or shrink memory, storage and CPU for any instance.

It is worth mentioning, however, that consolidating too many databases onto a single instance can bring about performance degradation and resource contention.Learn more about SQL Server for Private Cloud here. The appliance is used to consolidate databases running servers or racks, into a single, highly tuned integrated solution.– Customer research and early adopters confirm the key benefits of the appliance as: Rapid deployment: be up and running in weeks, and save time and cost to assemble the solution.– 75% operational expense savings: energy, cooling, space, hardware, software– Simplified management: single management from OS to Database– Peace of mind: single phone number to call for any hardware or software problem– More agile IT service: through an elastic private cloud infrastructure How is this appliance an industry first?As the needs of your business grow you can expand to up to 10 racks.– Enhanced tools – The new appliance includes technologies to have ‘zero downtime’ live migration, and real time database VM load balancing.– High Availability out of the box – Most in-market databases are not highly available.All databases running in this new appliance will now be highly available through fully fault tolerant and duplicate hardware, as well as software tuned to be resilient to hardware failure.

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