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Browsing through ads on Craigslist (yeah, bad idea I know) it seemed like every 13th girl or so said this. 420 was the California police radio code for a marijuana arrest in progress.I find the Do You Take Drugs category one of the more amusing things on POF .In this case you would not be guilty of impared driving, but refused to be tested for other reasons.The only reason to refuse a breathalyzer is if you think it's an infringment on your rights or if you are actually guilty.

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Additionally, Mexicans were often interacting with black people in the south and giving them pot, which caused a great deal of paranoia as well.It makes one forget what they were saying and doing, and burns up brain cells. I don't see a thing wrong with those that do smoke.Personally, I'de rather get in the car with someone high off a joint than a drink or two of whiskey. Mistress Dolly, weed can affect your ability to drive just as much as alcohol can, it just affects it in a different way.Pot smokers generally smoke once or twice a day or less (usually less).Cigarette smokers often have several cigarettes a day.

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