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As such, Kelley continued to work with Dee as his scryer, but focused much more of his time on an attempt to transform substances and find the legendary Philosopher's Stone.

The seven years they spent together, leading nomadic lives and working endlessly on their newfound alphabet, came to an abrupt end in 1589, when Kelley returned to the court of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II and Dee went home to England.

After, he was given numerous important court duties, such as aiding in Elizabeth's exploration ambitions.

Rarely discussed in references of the New World, Dee actually helped pioneer the Voyages of Exploration England took on in the sixteenth century, aiding the various ship captains in their mathematical techniques of navigation.

It was he who provided the instruments used to navigate the waters, himself being somewhat of a professional in the art of navigation.

Driven by a mutual desire to reestablish the great British Empire, Dee and Queen Elizabeth I worked tirelessly in the exploration of North America.

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Luckily for modern historians, Dee was a prolific enough writer that his life is well documented, however the way in which he was tasked with so many important roles in the British court is still an incredible dilemma.

Dee outlived his former friend by many years, and continued their work, immortalizing them both with his Angelical/Enochian literature. Winters is a recent graduate from Christopher Newport University with a degree in Classical Studies and Art History and a Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor She will be attending the University of Glasgow in for Celtic and Viking Archaeology... but too many wars too many dead, and the technological accelleration is still increasing..

“The Enochian alphabet with letter forms, letter names, English equivalents, and pronunciation of the letter names (pronunciation in quotes if different than English). Read More there was an article i read .somewhere unlinked on it makes mention of him summoning a demon for the purpose of increasing scientific knowledge providing that massive bloodshed be dedicated to that entity… food for thought For centuries, Poland has been considered a very Christian country.

However, Dee's struggle to find a prestigious patron was an uphill battle, and eventually he tired of this work on the cosmos.

It is then that Dee began to focus his efforts more seriously on his angelic search, eventually joining forces with a medium called Edward Kelley, a man twenty-eight years younger than him, to conduct séances to interact with the angels.

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