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I don’t cook for him, have sex with him, help him with his problems etc etc. He woke up this morning at 6am and tried to leave at 6.30am (Sunday) I wasn’t happy of course and let him know it. Boo hoo – he’s had it too good for too long – he’s been spoiled. He has his own business & does very well financially with that, he is a very good devoted father and has other good qualities.

He came over last night, annoyed that I hadn’t organized dinner (do you believe? When we went to bed he tried to have sex with me & I said no – nicely. I said give me what I want & I’ll give you what you want. And I kept saying you know what I want (he knows I want a relationship). I have looked after him & his children, done everything – and two years on and no commitment in sight. I have decided that if doesn’t commit to me by the end of May I am going to move away and I have told him that I am going to move away but he doesn’t know when. Kind regards A Loyal Reader ******* Hi Loyal Reader – First of all – let me commend you and say that you are on the right track with this.

When I found all this out I confronted him (I didn’t tell him how I found out) & he admitted that he did want a serious relationship last year. Since then I have stopped being his ‘girlfriend’ (he keeps telling me he doesn’t want a girlfriend) & I have stopped doing everything.

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