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Shutterstock A pleasure toy is your best friend on this journey.

Giving yourself some love before hanging out with your partner will do you a world of good in fending off temptation.

Just because they rave about a life full of sexual activity doesn’t mean that you’re not making the right decision.

Remember why you got into this, and forget what everyone else says.

But no matter the reason, if you’re refraining from sex, it’s all the same to your partner: hard (no pun intended). Shutterstock Like any habit you’re trying to kick from binge eating to smoking, it always helps to have a friend on the same journey, or a mentor who has already conquered that issue.

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Shutterstock There are a variety of reasons to choose a life—or a period of your life—of celibacy from spiritual, to physical, to addiction problems and religious obligations.

Don’t leave much time for the two of you to be lounging around one of your homes together.

Shutterstock This is actually a great trick because A) You don’t want to get intimate without these, B) On the rare occasion you would throw caution to the wind and say “screw it, we won’t use one” you’ll immediately feel guilty because they’re just in the next room but C) Your roommate knows you’re trying to be celibate, and you’ll face her look of disappointment if you go asking for one.

Think Stock Following the previous line of thought, make sure you and your partner stay busy and active.

Take tennis lessons together, plan hikes, host tons of parties, go to tons of parties.

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