Caribbean etiquette for dating bahamas

When visiting the Bahamas, it is therefore good manners and proper etiquette to make a point of exercising the aforementioned virtues – so patience, tolerance and generosity towards others and always saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ should be done without a second thought.

The 15% is added to the VALUE of each meal and presented on your bill at checkout.As an expat to the Bahamas, you will not be taxed on your income, but it is likely that you will have to pay a national insurance contribution (the equivalent to social security) of 9.8% of your weekly salary, of which you will pay 3.9% and your employer will pay 5.9%.However, this can differ based on your total income — visit the National Insurance Board of the Bahamas for more information.Always address your business partners with their academic titles and surnames — don’t move to a first-name basis until invited to do so, which may take a little longer than on other Caribbean islands.Although business cards are exchanged without any formal ritual you should still try to be respectful during introductions, as it is seen as a representation of how you will treat this business relationship.

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