Capriati dating bone

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They know that I have always supported up and coming DJs, producers, new nightclubs, radio stations, magazines, new fashion.

People know that if I throw a party it doesn’t have to be for an hour and half, that it can be somewhere between four, six and eight hours.

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The only official after hours club that would start at 7 o'clock in the morning and go all the way through until the day - Space was the only club that did that.And it was brilliant because when we were there in the daytime, people were at work and here we are enjoying ourselves. If that happens, will you stay connected to dance music, or do you think you’d leave the industry behind completely?It’s going to be one of those situations where if I do throw a party people know it's not one that they should miss.I’ve been a Space advocate since day one and for it to now be the last season that I’m going to be doing and the last season any of us are going to see again is very, very sad. And things have changed a lot since Space started 27 years ago.All the flamboyancy, the gays, the straights, people coming together from all over the world and just to enjoy these moments at Space - it's changed.

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