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Tickets Ancient Art of XIV-XVII Centuries Permanent exhibition Collection of the Old Russian painting of the Russian Museum is one of the largest and most significant in Russia. The permanent exhibition housed in the first four halls of Mikhailovsky Palace represents a part of this collection, the most valuable works of XII-XVII centuries created in the major art centers of Old Russia: Novgorod, Pskov, Vladimir, Suzdal, Moscow, and Yaroslavl. Tickets Inside the Marble Palace (Sound, Dance, Performance) 14 march—16 april 2018 I am not the girl who misses much (1986); You called me Jacky (1990); I am a victim of this song (1995) Pipilotti Rist Tickets Modern exhibition of Cabin of Peter the Great Permanent exhibition Modern exhibition of the museum comprises items dating back to Peter I’s time, including memorial paraphernalia, such as: red broadcloth uniform, an oriental cane, a model of Peter I’s hand based on an imprint made at Lipetsk foundry in 1707, a wherry, and Peter’s armchair.

Tickets Art of the XXth Century Permanent exhibition The collection of the museum comprises works of the representatives of large schools that existed in Soviet times (e.g., Leningrad school of landscape painting of the 1930s - 1950s). Tickets Russian Art of the Second Half of the XIX Century Permanent exhibition Even when it first opened back in 1898, the Russian Museum owned many canvases painted by such masters of the second half of the nineteenth century a...

The art of socialist realism, showing high artistic merit, clarity of plot, a tendency for "grand style", is reflected in the paintings by A. Tickets Russian Art of the First Half of the XIX Century Permanent exhibition The exhibition shows masterpieces representing the variety of trends in the Russian art of the time (classicism, romantism and beginning i...

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