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Overall, Oates provided plenty of excellent examples, advice, and tips on good dating.I especially liked his conclusion as well as the several great dating activities he suggested afterwards.I’ve been strung along and lured into believing there’s something there when there isn’t; I’ve been on the receiving end of too many “” because the other person was too afraid of hurting my feelings to be honest with me. Its like waiting for any test results, its the waiting itself that’s agonising; you really just want to know if you’ve passed or failed so that you can move on with your life one way or another.I think people, more than anything, just want certainty. Any conversation where there’s a chance of hurting the other person’s feelings is bound to be awkward.

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Other used-book dealers have been struggling, too, but many of them have been willing to find other sources of funds — selling online, that sort of stuff. What are some of the strategies you developed over the years to remain in business? I was sort of the middleman for a textbook company in New Hampshire, but that turned out to be quite complicated, because I had to set aside my own bookstore to do it. Then I rented books on cassette, and then that changed into CDs, so I had to replenish my whole stock.But has anyone ever thought about this from the opposite point of view?I mean, we know that given a choice between books and boyfriend, we'd always choose the former. So we find ourselves dating non-readers and realizing some home truths!As of next month, though, any uncashed store credit will go the way of the South Burlington store's remaining stock of used books.Brown, who turned 79 on November 25, is retiring and will close up her shop — one of a dwindling number of independent bookstores in Chittenden County. Before that, 12 years on the corner of Brewer Parkway and Shelburne Road; before that, in a place out near where Charlie's Tennis Den used to be. SD: So you started up the shop relatively late in life?

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