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I was trying to explain to her why men in the Big Apple approach dating so lax, then started thinking about my experience as a single black male that’s lived in two northeastern hubs.It was when I drew that comparison that I realized I used to be just like the men she comes across today.Series debuts with a quirky vibe, personable cast and snappy writing from former Conan O’Brien scribe Andrew Secunda.“Love, Inc.” is a big-city dating service, the brainchild of Clea (Holly Robinson Peete), a savvy businesswoman who has promoted her company on the basis of a successful nine-year marriage.In fact, everyone in the office pitches in: Francine (Reagan Gomez-Preston) offers style advice (she tells Clea her outfit says, “I coach women’s basketball”), Barry (Vince Vieluf) works the tech angle and offers head-scratching non sequiturs while Viviana (Ion Overman) the receptionist solicits personal information in a rather startling way.But Clea’s reluctance to get back in the game is the least of Denise’s problems.

As Denise, Philipps creates a nice blend of daffiness and neurosis for the character — a seemingly better choice than Shannen Doherty, who was originally considered for the role. and Berg/Koules Television in association with Paramount Network Television.

“Love, Inc.,” an affable new sitcom from UPN, is a nice match for viewers hankering for a feel-good laugh or two.

But if the Thursday night TV schedule were a dating pool, “Love, Inc.” would be the proverbial old maid.

Denise is a pro at dating — it’s the relationship part that gives her trouble.

Denise, “the Kung Fu master at setting up freaks,” doesn’t follow “The Rules,” but she’s not going to win feminist of the year either: Her advice includes such pearls as what is acceptable to eat on a date (for women, it’s practically nothing), Kenny Rogers music is always a mistake, and a cell phone with a “Star Wars” ring tone is the kiss of death.

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