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Being a Gemini this is similar to gemini's, sometimes you want your mate to agree with you and move on, they may not want to. It never gets to the point of moving on, and can be frustrating.Getting stuck in situations that hurt your feelings can be hard to let go of these things too. They can all be friends with each other but you as the outsider is an easy target. Gemini assholes deserve only each other (or any asshole for that matter).Just a week, you will follow daily horescope, not this site , try anyone which is handy. Virgo men are womanizers i've dated one for 3 years this year being our 3rd when we started off everything was fine, same as your experience talk bad things about me to his friends and family and come back to me as if nothing is, he cheated became very abusive even physically then he would cry and apologize and threaten to kill himself should i break up with him, the relationship was emotionally draining I'm still on the recovery process and iam happy to have finally left him. Love seems impossible for me right now but I feel chances for friendship (with other women) is unusally good so maybe try and focus on friendships? Supported him emotionally during his struggles with life,sometimes also financially.

It is 4 years later and I am engaged and presently living with another Gemini.I have wronged his wife and children and my 4 kids aswel and my Family but most of all myself.Self love is something i learned after getting out of that toxic relationship.The best part is you get, daily astrology on your love, health, profession and finance Gemini people I wonderful as long as you understand them. I was married to a Virgo , the man was totally mad. Our relationship turned sour since May,he was beginning to lessen our contact trough txt and viber phonecalls and now this.He will talk bad things about me to friends and family and come home as if nothing is. I loved him so much but I realised that he won't change. It's been 5 days since we txt,heard frm my gf from philippines last night he was sitting in the bar with 2 young girls and the other one was kind'a intimate with him.

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