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The girl, Seo-Ri, was put under a curse and abandoned deep in the mountains. I enjoyed watching this, although I thought it went on too long. The story reminded a bit of Snow White or Sleeping Beauty with a bit of The Wizard of Oz thrown in! I expected a happy ending because I really love the plot and the story. But if you want a steamy romance then this is not the drama for you haha. the ending was very heartbreaking tho but i kinda like it. Warning to the viewers though, make sure you have a box of tissue because this drama will make you cry your eyes out. I was so excited to watch the new episodes each week. And seemed to meander in some really convoluted and directionless path where no one's motivations made sense at all, or if they did, you were wondering why other characters were being so compliant to the point of feelings like plot puppets rather than characters.

Crazy I know but the shaman reminded me of the wicked witch of the east or was it west? Anyway, I found it entertaining, think I understood the ending when he'd obviously died and passed over to the other side to be with his love, but it was slightly disappointing they didn't end up together to live out their lives, having children and growing old with one another The ending was USELESS. (SPOILER ALERT BEYOND THIS POINT) I know there are mixed feelings about the ending but I personally felt it was beautiful in a tragic way. Reen you don't know much about movies than sorry,but me I look and study the movies I watch for many years. this could of been done at least 10 episodes not more than 15. This deserves prestigious awards because of the great acting skills of each actor. Everyone was given the chance to shine especially the main leads, Yoon S-yoon and Kim Saeron. the actors did such great work and i loved them all. This is the most heart breaking drama ending, I couldn't help but cry after the credit, not because I usually cry on drama but because it traumatized me !! Yoon SI Yoon and Kim Sae Ron are such great actors. It seemed like it was really shaping up to be one of my favorite dramas and I'm so sad it ended up the way it did. Even Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Sae Ron have a big age gap, i can feel their chemistry so much.

Not only was the cinematography gorgeous but the acting from all the actresses and actors were phenomenal. Actual consequences may be shown on screen for a Downer Ending if the power belongs to a main character, or a Tear Jerker if it's secondary. The price can be paid in different ways, and for a number of reasons: If you have such a power, you either are Blessed with Suck or can use it as a Dangerous Forbidden Technique. I love u seo ri I really recommend this drama, even to those who are normally not into sageuks.Yeon Hui was confined to a secluded place because she was being protected and she was trying to break her curse. They were both on the run but for Flinn, it's because he did something bad (he stole from his fellow thieves) while Heo Joon did so because he was trying to escape his misery. T___T this drama is one of the best saeguk ever Very good drama and very good ending, even though it was kind of sad in my opinion.

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