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“[But] I am forcing myself to get to know myself better, to find myself a little bit, to figure out who I am now.Ben Higgins recently made his way back to Bachelor Nation on The Bachelor Winter Games.Lauren confided to Us Weekly in June that she and Ben 'check in on each other occasionally.Obviously some things that we need to talk about like if he gets a package to our house or mail. While Ben may not be ready to jump back in the dating pool just yet, Lauren certainly seems to have moved on.Lauren is currently dating real estate investor Devin Antin.

"His laugh" she listed as her favorite thing about Devin before adding, "how much fun I have when I'm with him and how much I can be myself...Their engagement lasted long enough for them to star on a one-season spin-off reality show that aired last year and was called Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?That Freeform show lasted a grand total of eight episodes, the finale broadcast last November, and Ben and Lauren's relationship managed to hack it until this May.Rumors had been swirling since last month that Lauren was dating Devin, months after she'd broken up with her The Bachelor fiancé Ben Higgins this May.Scroll down for video In a report that ran online July 13, Us Weekly had quoted a source that said Lauren and Devin 'have been dating for a while now,' and are apparently close to the point that Lauren's gone to a Golden State game with his sisters.

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