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In 2001 Johnson teamed up with the production/songwriting team of Johnny Elkins and CJ Vanston.Her song "Transparent Lies", was recorded for a compilation album titled Fill Your Head.Her debut album Voodoo was independently released in 2010, followed by the demo release of The Basement Recordings in 2011, with its sequel, The Basement Recordings II, and EP Skipping Stone in 2012. A follow-up extended play Heart followed in 2014; with her sophomore effort Let 'Em Eat Cake being released October of that year.Johnson's third studio album A Stranger Time was released in 2017.That year, she was voted Best Anthem singer of the season by the Vancouver Sun.and sang the Canadian National Anthem at games for the NHL's Vancouver Canucks and the NBA's Vancouver Grizzlies.

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Her work with Vanston and Elkins featured a more bubblegum pop sound than what she preferred and ended around 2003.

In the year 2000, a song performed by Johnson entitled "Everything (Feels Like New)" was featured in the Disney Channel Original Movie The Other Me, starring Andrew Lawrence.

A full studio version of the song was never released.

The sixth of ten children, Johnson says her family embraced the arts and being creative.

One brother is an actor and screenwriter, a sister is a stage actress, and her brother Brendan is a singer-songwriter and music producer with whom she often collaborates.

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