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The version number of the game's current patch is displayed in the upper-left corner of the startup screen as well as in the upper-right corner of the options menu in the game client.On the Windows platform, there are two ways to patch the game.

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For module builders not satisfied with the name selection provided by the Random Name command, the ability to override this behavior with a random name generation script of their choice has been included: If a script called "x3_name_gen.nss" exists in a module, it will be executed on spawn of any creature template that has random name generation activated.- It roots the creature to the spot so that they can't move but grants no other penalties.- It cannot be resisted (even by Freedom of Movement) Get Creature Starting Package() Set Camera Heigth() Force Rest() Set Stolen Flag() Get Is Creature Disarmable() Get Item Property Param1Value() Get Item Property Param1() Get Item Property Cost Table Value() Get Item Property Cost Table() Get Is In Sub Area() Effect Cutscene Immobilize() - this effect is meant for the Dwarven Defender's defensive stance.AS OF THIS PATCH, ALL MODULES CREATED/SAVED WITH THE VERSION 1.62 TOOLSET ARE TAGGED AS REQUIRING VERSION 1.62 OR HIGHER OF NEVERWINTER NIGHTS GAME OR TOOLSET.IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BRAND YOUR MODULE AS 1.62 THEN DO NOT EDIT YOUR MODULE IN THE VERSION 1.62 TOOLSET.

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