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Henry married Sarah Shiltz of Darke County in 1840. RTHS is fortunate to have the attendance book and minutes of the Becker family reunions from the first reunion on August 31, 1902 to the last on June 26, 1977.His father gave him the saw mill and 24 acres around it where he continued to ply his milling trade. The late Barbara Mc Intosh donated these to the Society. 1902, shows the Berk farmhouse, and Louis Franklin, his wife Mary and children Frank W., Clara F., Mary Alice, Harry Albert and Earl Ralph born between 18. Betz was one of three sons and a daughter born to Frederick Christian Betz and his wife Barbara Frances Maphis who were married by the Rev. Daughter Annie Betz Geiger was born while the family lived on Phillipsburg Pike at Diamond Mill Road.Settlers first to arrive were Quakers from Randolph County, North Carolina led by Daniel Hoover and David Mast and Mennonites and Brethren from Pennsylvania led by the Warner, Rasor, Herr and Brumbaugh families.The second wave began after the National Road had reached the township in 1838 and brought mainly German Baptist families overland from Pennsylvania.The Society has a contract from a school in Butler Township showing she was hired for the 1932 school year at .89 per month "on a basis of a nine month term if there is sufficient funds [sic]." After her marriage, she continued to teach Sunday School.Her studies at Wittenberg included oil painting, and she also continued to paint throughout her life.

This most probably was a log school run by Quakers at West Branch. It is easier and less costly now to keep in touch with email, Facebook, and other types of social media.

"I was proud that she trusted us and after that she joined us daily." Some of the sights they passed on their trek included Metherd's sawmill, but "we weren't allowed to get very near, since Willie Koogler broke his leg badly by getting near those large logs." Sometimes Mr.

Huddle, the butcher, "had a big white hog carcass hanging on a side porch," and as they passed the bank "we talked about brave Della Rush who stepped on the burglar alarm and scared away the bank robbers." Sometimes her mother permitted her to buy a cookie or banana for her lunch box at Waymire's grocery. For example, "My father owned a Ford which he used to run a mail route out of Dayton and for the family, while my grandfather was using his horse and buggy." She wrote of her pleasure in the first electric table lamp in her home. John II and his wife whose maiden name was Snowberger had 9 children who lived to adulthood, i.e., John III, Jacob, Samuel, Andrew, Marie, Henry, David, Elizabeth and Nancy.

The two men working together made many improvements on the land including a saw mill along Pigeye Creek, a subsidiary of the West Branch. He and Nancy had four children three of whom survived to adulthood: Charles E., Clara and Emma. was running the local hotel under the name of Harrisburg Hotel.

Both were millers and John III also served as a township trustee for a number of years. Her husband, John III, died a year later at about the age of 66. The sign in front of the hotel building shows up in many of Edwin Sink’s photos of Englewood ca. How many of you have been to a family reunion in recent times or ever?

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