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A well-regarded prospect, Sanchez committed to Southern California following his successful high school career in which he led his team to a championship title during his senior season.At USC, Sanchez was relegated as the backup quarterback during his first three years though he rose to prominence due to his brief appearances on the field in 2007 due to injuries suffered by starting quarterback John David Booty.The calculated density for iridium, based on its space lattice, is 22.65, though the element hasn't been measured as heavier than osmium.Uses: Osmium tetroxide can be used to stain fatty tissue for microscope slides and to detect fingerprints. It is also used for fountain pen tips, instrument pivots, and electrical contacts.When Philadelphia's starter Nick Foles went down with an injury, Sanchez started the second half of the season for the Eagles, where he set career highs in completion percentage and passer rating, while also passing for 2,418 yards despite only starting 8 games.Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Mark's father would have him combine athletic and mental training.

Osmium has the lowest vapor pressure and highest melting point of the platinum group metals.

Although the metal is difficult to make, the power can be sintered in hydrogen at 2000°C.

is an American football quarterback who is currently a free agent.

Mark would have to dribble a basketball without looking at it while reciting multiplication tables; practice baseball swings in a batting cage while answering questions about the periodic table and similar combined drills that his father hoped would develop quick thinking and self-confidence that would guide Mark in all areas of life and not simply sports.

By the time Sanchez entered the eighth grade, he had developed an interest in football but was unsure of what position to play.

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